Color Atlas of Biochemistry

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Completely revised and expanded, this edition has a new improved layout with 220 didactically refined double-page spreads presenting the complete spectrum of human biochemistry - ideal for students of medicine and human biology. The classic Thieme flexi double-page spread presents clear and descriptive text with accompanying color plates covering each topic. Pathobiochemical aspects and clinical correlations are integrated into the text or, for especially important topics, dealt with separately. Introductory plates at the beginning of the chapters in the section on metabolism present an overview of metabolic pathway networks. Pictorial quality and didatic features of the color plates has been improved, leaving no questions unanswered. Emphasis is placed on the graphic presentation, and the texts can almost be treated as expanded and complementary legends to the illustrations. The cut-off point between biochemistry and its neighboring specialties such as cell biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, or pharmacology, is difficult to define and sometimes arbitrary. It is no accident that the specialties overlap, as the subject is are often the same, e.g. a nerve cell or a mitochondrium only the perspectives of the individual specialties are different. So this color atlas fits well into the range of the others. Topics are limited to the human biochemistry information of paramount interest to medical students and are intended to provide an overview using compact graphic information on central topics, deliberately freeing the reader from the ballast of the natural sciences and to add more pathobiochemical information. Color codes and symbols for different groups have been used to enable easier reading (.e.g. proteins are brown, carbohydrates violet, etc.), and The new color thumb index guides the reader through the book and allows quick orientation.
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