Teach Yourself Setting Up a Small Business

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This title has been successful since the first edition published in 1992. DTI statistics show that at the beginning of 2004 there were 4.3m business enterprises in the UK, a third of a million up on 2003. Of these 99.3% are classed as small businesses (0-49 employees) so the potential customer base is huge. As unemployment figures continue to rise so do the number of people setting up in business for themselves (especially those over 40) but the failure rate is high. For anyone thinking of starting up their own business or who is already under way with a new enterprise and wondering what to do next TEACH YOURSELF SETTING UP A SMALL BUSINESS is the ideal starting point. It contains the advice you would expect to find but it also offers very practical hints from two people who have done it themselves. TEACH YOURSELF SETTING UP A SMALL BUSINESS helps you to identify your product or service, consider the marketing and financing required, and suggests where to go for further advice. Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect. In addition to helping with the everyday aspects of running a small business, the authors give guidance on specialised areas such as legal requirements, self assessment for income tax, opening a retail or office-based business, staff selection and marketing. "Key facts" boxes in each chapter give a checklist of important points at each stage. This new edition is fully updated to take account of all new legislation, including the European Directive on flexible working, the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 and the age discrimination legislation due to come in on 1st October 2006. In addition it has been updated to take account of the rapid change in supporting technology for the small business.
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