Revolution in France
Revolution in France

Revolution in France

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Revolution in France looks at the turbulent times that shook France at the end of the 18th century and at the rise and fall of Napoleon and his empire. From the basic social inequalities of the time, through the events of the revolution itself, to the career of Napoleon Bonaparte, the story of the age is brought to life through an imaginative and wonderfully diverse array of sources. Finally, pupils are reminded that, despite the eventual fall of Napoleonic France, the legacy of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era is still with us. The book is part of a series written for the Supplementary Study units at Key Stage 3. A Sense of History Supplements provide resource material for the supplementary study units fully covering the Attainment Targets. Each book is in full colour and presents each topic in a lively and informative way. Throughout there are activities to encourage the development of conceptual understanding enabling pupils to acquire the skills they need to demonstrate progression within the Attainment Targets. Each author adopts a structure and level which is most appropriate to the age, interests and needs of the intended pupils. Providing a disciplined approach to historical study, the text is divided into short sections each concerned with a distinct phase of the study. A range of political, social, cultural and economic approaches and insights are offered. Sources are drawn from the world of museums and libraries, heritage sites, local archive collections and the work of archaeologists and historians. Each book contains approximately six review and assessment pages.
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